50 Ways To Use Video Online

Integrated branding and marketing functionality
  1. Product Presentations
  2. Product Demonstrations
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Sales Presentations – Interactive Webcasts

Increase the reach and effectiveness of your sales efforts by equipping your sales team with powerful sales videos.

How JetVision works
  1. Corporate Overview
  2. Executive Presentations
  3. Staff Presentations
  4. Corporate Facilities or Equipment tour

Communicate more effectively while keeping your employees and investors engaged. Online video delivery of executive messages, town halls, and investor updates create a personal connection while saving time and money.

Pay Per View
  1. Employee Training Videos
  2. Recruitment Videos
  3. New Employee Orientation Videos

Inform management and staff on policy changes, processes and systems with online video.. You can now be in 10 places at once!

The audience experience
  1. Supplier Training
  2. Customer Training
  3. FAQ Videos
  4. Post Sale Support and Maintenance Videos
  5. Event / Conference Videos

Train your employees, suppliers and customers using the power of video. Interactive webcasts provide you with features such as syncronized slides, downloadable documents and email Q&A.

Live Webcasting
  1. Internal Communications
  2. Executive Messages
  3. Health, Legal & Safety

If your real serious about online video communications we can help you setup your own Internal Online Video Network complete with video security.

The audience experience
  1. Road Show Videos
  2. Annual General Meeting Videos
  3. Quarterly Earning Updates
  4. Monthly Message from the President Video

Keep your Investors informed and educated on what your company is doing.. Online video opens your lines of communication and ensures your Investors are in the know through both on demand and live webcasting solutions.

Live Webcasting
  1. Commercials
  2. Viral Video
  3. Email Video
  4. Infomercials
  5. Navigator Videos
  6. Micro Site Videos
  7. Social Media Videos
  8. YouTube Videos

Launch a new product/service or promote your existing ones with the most effective communication tool available, online video. Online video also allows you to educate your consumers with Jet Videos content marketing solutions.

The audience experience
  1. Video Press Releases
  2. PR Support Materials
  3. Community Relations Video
  4. Town Hall Webcasts
  5. Emergency Response Videos

Manage and maintain your Public Relations initiatives using online video solutions from Jet Video.

Live Webcasting
  1. Event Presentation video
  2. Round Table Sessions
  3. Q&A Expert sessions
The audience experience
  1. Video Customer Testimonials
  2. Video Success Stories
  3. Video Case Study
  4. Man-in-the-street Interviews
Live Webcasting
  1. Video Blog
  2. In Store Video
  3. Company Lobby / Waiting Room Video
  4. Mobile Video
  5. Website FAQ Video
  6. Video White paper
  7. Video Magazine